"I appreciated that the presenter seemed to have a high respect for the viewer's intelligence. I thought the subject matter was very informative, well-organized and strategically presented. I also valued the review of previously discussed material to support longer term memorization."

Foundations of Pediatric Dysphagia: Prenatal Development to Postnatal Physiology


In this course learners will:

  1. Describe how and when the structures required for successful deglutition are developed prenatally.
  2. Describe how features of pediatric body systems influential to feeding, including cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurologic, differ from adults.
  3. Describe characteristics of how healthy term infants nutritively suck, swallow, and breathe during a feed, and what variables would impact these characteristics.

Dr. Katlyn McGrattan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Science at the University of Minnesota with a clinical appointment at Masonic Children’s Hospital. She completed doctoral training in Health & Rehabilitation Science at the Medical University of South Carolina, and post-doctoral training in Neonatal Gastroenterology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Pediatric Otolaryngology at Medical University of South Carolina. Her research focuses on developing more refined methods for pediatric dysphagia assessment that enable more accurate diagnosis and determination of treatments that will maximize therapeutic effects. This includes elucidating clinical characteristics of how healthy non dysphasic infants feed as well as developing new technologies to allow more precise diagnostics.

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