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Time to
Medical Education
for Speech-Language Pathologists

With MedSLP Ed, we did just that.

Time to
Medical Education
for Speech-Language Pathologists

With MedSLP Ed, we did just that.

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How much medical education did you receive in grad school?

We remember the first time we were asked to take vitals, record oxygen saturation levels, and note lab values for a patient…

In that moment, we had no clue why an SLP would need to know all of that.

And we know we’re not alone.

Which is why we are beyond excited to introduce something new, and something necessary, for med SLPs who never got the medical education their job and license demand.

MedSLP Ed is an approved ASHA CEU provider offering live and recorded online courses that fill the gap between grad school and clinical practice. Each course is in-depth, goes far beyond the textbook rhetoric, and focuses on case-based learning.

Instead of watching 1-2 hour webinars that just discuss the research or only provide the SLP’s perspective, MedSLP Ed allows you to invest in intensive courses that blend together the research, real case studies, patient perspectives, and interprofessional considerations.
It’s critical to know WHY we do the things we do.

Here’s a small sample of what we have in the works…


Show Me the Numbers: Using Clinical Data to Quantify Swallowing – Corinne Jones, PhD, CCC-SLP


Stop the PO Trial Madness: The CSE is More Than Aspiration – Kelly Caldwell, M.A., M.S., CCC-SLP


Esophageal Dysphagia, Neuroplasticity, Cranial Nerves, ICU, sEMG/muscle fibers, Muscle Physiology, Motor Speech, Conversational Dx/Tx, Head and Neck Cancer, Differential Diagnosis

The VFSS: Foundations, Clinical Concepts, and Case Studies

Presented by

Jessica Gregor,


On Friday, November 12th,   Jessica Gregor will be hosting an eight-hour course dedicated to videofluoroscopic swallow studies (VFSS).  The Recording is also available.

THE AIRWAY: The View from the Speech-Language Pathologist Perspective

Presented by Eric Blicker CCC-SLP.D,  BCS-S 

An eight-hour interactive case-based learning course designed to teach foundational knowledge about the airway related to the speech-language pathologist. 

Neurology for the Speech Language Pathologist: From Tracts to Treatment

Presented by Anna Fink Swindle, CCC-SLP, CBIS 

An eight-hour course dedicated to neurology and the SLP- from neural tracts to noteworthy treatment.  This is a recorded course available to participants starting November 26th.

Yes, SLPs are medical professionals.


No, the current education model does not prepare us for that.

 It would be absurd to undergo coronary artery bypass graft surgery with a surgeon who has never learned about, observed, or performed surgery before.

So shouldn’t it be equally as absurd for SLPs to evaluate and treat swallowing disorders and other medical conditions without ever having received the appropriate education or clinical experience in those areas before?

What’s heartbreaking is that not only is this common, but it’s the NORM.

Clinical fellows begin their SLP careers in a skilled nursing facility with no support and are expected to evaluate and treat dysphagia, aphasia, cognitive impairments, and progressive diseases with absolutely no prior training in these areas.

Some SLPs land a hospital job to cover weekends alone while not understanding the mechanics of a laryngectomy vs tracheostomy, different supplemental oxygen delivery systems, or lab values.

Others have been working in this field for decades with no real, true solid foundational knowledge of the medical field in which we work.


If this isn’t acceptable for other medical professionals,

then why is it acceptable for SLPs?

You are a medical SLP because you found a passion for problem-solving.

You’re driven to help others rediscover the power of communication.

And you savor the success when the patient you worked so hard with to access instrumental swallow studies and the best dysphagia therapy finally gets to enjoy their favorite home-cooked meal again when no one else thought it was possible.

But if grad school didn’t prepare you to work at the top of your license in the medical setting, what can?

How can you succeed?

How can your patients succeed?

It’s time to stop relying on a few short webinars a year. 

MedSLP Ed is designed to improve your medically-based clinical skills and earn respect.

Our program is led by mentors who:

Are also directly working with patients

Keep up with the research and apply it to their practice

Have earned the respect of other medical professionals

Lead from behind

Because it fosters growth far beyond the literature.

Because it’s based on real experience and researched methods.

Because it goes beyond the SLP-only bubble and incorporates patient and interprofessional considerations (like what to do when a patient chooses not to follow your recommendations, or how to collaborate with respiratory therapists)

Just like our current continuing education model,
MedSLP Ed covers a broad scope.


Unlike our current continuing education model, MedSLP Ed takes a holistic and realistic approach to your professional and medical growth.

Finally, become the med SLP you know you’re capable of becoming.

Grab the attention and earn the respect of your interprofessional colleagues.

Transform your patient outcomes.