Trach, Vent and Respiratory Compromise for the
Speech-Language Pathologist

Recorded Course – 0.8 ASHA CEUS

Presented by: Lori Burkhead Morgan, PhD, CCC-SLP

What should SLPs know when it comes to voice and dysphagia in patients with respiratory compromise?

Well…a lot! 

That’s why we’re hosting an 8-hour recorded course (that will also be recorded) dedicated to this very topic!

Dr. Lori Burkhead Morgan will be presenting critical information for SLPs who serve (or want to serve) patients with…

… Respiratory compromise

… Tracheostomies

… Ventilators

Learn things like:


How anatomy, physiology, and neurophysiology tie into breathing, coughing, voice and swallowing


Respiratory terms, acronyms, and numbers found in the medical chart


Types of tubes and other respiratory equipment SLPs should understand


Perspectives to share with respiratory therapists


How to start a trach team


Evidence-based treatment plans to target the respiratory system, voice, and swallowing


The impact of respiratory dysfunction on verbal communication and swallowing


When to start working with respiratory patients in the ICU


How to document and measure progress specific to this population

After this course, you’ll be able to…

  1. Communicate goals to admin staff and the medical team using a common language.
  2. Spearhead the development of an interprofessional team for trach/vent patients.
  3. Identify the important pieces of information in medical charts specific to respiratory function
  4. Understand the importance of timing for getting involved with trach and vent patients.

If you want to improve your skills and confidence in things like…


Knowing where to start with chart reviews and assessments for patients with respiratory compromise


Building an interprofessional tracheostomy team


Navigating tubes and other respiratory equipment


Speaking the same language as other medical professionals in the respiratory space (and proving your worth)


Building evidence-based treatment plans for critically ill respiratory patients

Then you’ll want to attend this course.

“This is a soup-to-nuts, top-down perspective of voice and dysphagia in respiratory compromised patients, which is a big growth opportunity for our field. This course will help SLPs become confident in their knowledge of what to do with respiratory patients and when to do it.”

~Dr. Lori Burkhead Morgan

Why we’re honored to have Dr. Lori Burkhead Morgan teach us about trachs, vents, and respiratory function

Lori has spent decades working in a level 1 trauma center and other medical settings serving vent-dependent patients. She was actually one of the first clinical consultants for Passy-Muir, starting back in 1996! 

Not only does she have front-line experience serving the critically ill respiratory population and teaching SLPs across the U.S. how to better serve these patients…

But she has successfully written policies and procedures for multiple hospitals who didn’t have a trach/vent program 🤯

She implements.

She teaches.

She empowers.

If you’re ready to transform the lives of patients with respiratory compromise, make real changes in your facility, and impress the socks off your colleagues…


…then you’re ready for this full-day course.