The VFSS: Foundations, Clinical Concepts, and Case Studies – Recording

Presented by Jessica W. Gregor, MS CCC-SLP BCS-S

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After this webinar, you will be able to…

  •  Learners will identify normal and abnormal anatomic and physiologic aspects on videofluoroscopic swallowing studies (VFSS).
  • Attendees will describe the value of VFSS, standardization practices, and multidisciplinary care in dysphagia diagnostics for optimal intervention.
  • Learners will list fundamentals of various fluoroscopic procedures used in swallowing including contrast materials used.


  • 0-10 minutes: Introduction
  • 10-45 minutes: A Prelude to Dysphagia Diagnostics
  • 45-65 minutes: Section 1 – Fluoroscopy Fundamentals
  • 65-85 minutes: Section 2 – Other Radiological Exams/Contrast in Swallowing
  • 85-130 minutes: Section 3 – VFSS Foundations
  • 145-210 minutes: Section 4 – Standardization in VFSS
  • 210-255 minutes: Section 5 – Normal Anatomy & Physiology under Fluoro
  • 300-430 minutes: Section 6 – Oropharyngeal Impairments on VFSS: Considerations & Case Examples
  • 430-460 minutes: Section 7 – Esophageal Phase Clearance Impairments on VFSS: Considerations & Case Examples
  • 460-520 minutes: Section 8 – Multiphase Dysphagia Case Examples
  • 520-540 minutes: Q & A

Speaker Information

Jessica Wind Gregor obtained her Bachelor of Science in Speech & Hearing Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2008 and her Master of Science in Speech Pathology at Rush University in Chicago, Illinois in 2010. Over the past decade, Jessica has worked in a variety of medical settings (trauma, intensive care, acute care, acute rehab, long-term care, outpatient) at both VA and private sector health systems. She holds her Board Certification in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S) through the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (ABSSD) since 2016 and served on the ABSSD Mentorship Committee from 2018-2020. Dysphagic populations of interest are oncologic and iatrogenic etiologies. She has been a certified McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program (MDTP) provider since 2015 and a MDTP trainer since 2019. Jessica has a strong passion for the field of swallowing diagnostics and intervention as well as multidisciplinary collaboration for optimal patient care.


  • Speaker fees from “Medical SLP Education”
  • Consulting Fee from Florida Dysphagia Institute, LLC
Jessica Wind Gregor has no non-financial disclosures.

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After watching the webinar, you will need to pass a short quiz with at least 80% accuracy and attend the full webinar to obtain credit for your participation. The link to the quiz will be emailed to you after the presentation. Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion within 48 hours.  You have 14 days to complete the test.

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Who is this webinar appropriate for?  

The target audience for this webinar is licensed speech-language pathologists. There are no prerequisite skills or knowledge needed beyond the basic speech-language pathology training and licensing.

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The VFSS: Foundations, Clinical Concepts, and Case Studies – Recording

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