Stop the PO Trial Madness:

Evidence-Based Clinical Swallow Evaluations


Presented by: Kelly Caldwell, M.A., M.S. CCC-SLP

We all know by now how important instrumental swallow studies are, but what about the Clinical Swallow Evaluation (CSE), aka the bedside swallow eval?

On this recorded course, the kind and brilliant Kelly Caldwell hosts an eight-hour course dedicated to one of the hottest topics in the med SLP world: what we CAN and CANNOT do with the CSE.

Five questions that will be answered:

  • What are the evidence-based components of a CSE?
  • What real-life clinical scenarios influence PO choices and CSE tools?
  • How can I improve my CSE?
  • How do specific patient populations change the way I integrate CSE tools?
  • What actionable steps can I take to implement change in my clinical practice on Monday?

Three direct clinical transformations you can immediately implement:

  • Supercharge your CSE documentation with copy-and-paste templates
  • Know which clinical observations during the CSE actually mean something (and the evidence behind it)
  • Create your own “change map” to implement new CSE tools by Monday.

“We shouldn’t just focus on what we CAN’T do with clinical swallow evaluations. SLPs shouldn’t feel handcuffed when they go into a patient’s room and are asked to evaluate their swallowing,”

~Kelly Caldwell

How is this course different from other CSE courses?

We asked Kelly, and here’s what she said:

“I decided to frame this course from the perspective of the Change Journey- which is a pop culture concept. Some literature has documented the issues that come up when you make organization change- that’s the frame I’ve chosen to look at this talk.

A lot of courses end up harping on what SLPs aren’t doing and give off a feeling of being a “bad clinician” if you don’t implement specific tools. I don’t want people to walk away with that perspective, because it’s not helpful. But it IS helpful to say “here are some other tools to consider that might give you more information than you already have.”

Yes, I want SLPs to use evidence-based measures and tools, but I also want them to feel they can successfully implement it at the very next opportunity.”

If you want to improve your skills and confidence in things like…

  • Knowing where to start with clinical swallow evaluations
  • Adapting the CSE based on different patient populations
  • Efficiently and thoroughly writing up your CSE documentation
  • Understanding the research behind each component of the CSE
  • Improving the CSE culture at your facility using the Change Journey method
  • Not second- and third-guessing yourself at the bedside…

Then you’ll want to absorb every second of this course.

Why we’re honored to have Kelly teach us about Clinical Swallow Evaluations:

Kelly is an SLP who has been practicing since 2015. She has direct experience with trauma, acute care, and currently works closely with an ENT physician at a voice clinic. She’s certified in LSVT, MDTP, FEES, and has been a preceptor and mentor for SLPs learning how to conduct MBSs. 

Kelly is also a mentor for the MedSLP Collective and always comes prepared with *at least* 3 research articles when responding to clinical questions in the Facebook group (which makes us all swoon a little).

If you’re ready to boost your bedside swallow evaluation confidence with evidence, change maps, and genuine support…

…then you’re ready for this full-day course.