We've got a Lot of Nerve:

Neuroanatomy Review for the SLP with Focus on the Cranial Nerves

Recorded Course – 0.8 ASHA CEUS

Presented by: Andrea Hayes M.H.A., M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S


Learners will:

1) Identify cranial nerves by name and function related to motor speech, voice, and swallowing

2) Identify how damage to various structures and systems within the CNS and PNS can impact the function of the cranial nerves

3) Perform a functional cranial nerve exam from the medical SLP lens

Andrea Hayes aka “Bambi’s Revenge” is a proud medical Speech-Language Pathologist and part time roller derby queen.  She is most passionate about service excellence for the patient understanding that the reason we continue to take CEUs is ultimately to better serve them and have pride in our contribution to their care.  Andrea’s clinical career has been in acute care with nearly 20 years of experience in the hospital sector treating patients in intensive care, neuro, trauma, oncology, cardiothoracic, and burn units.  More recently, she has entered the administrative realm and enjoys supporting clinicians to operate with integrity and excellence whilst keeping the operation viable and thriving. Her advice to colleagues is to be humble, to never stop learning, and to have fun in our work…these ingredients lead to happy patients and successful outcomes!

CEU count/level: 0.80


  • 0-30 minutes: Introduction
  • 30-90 minutes: Fundamentals of the CNS and PNS
  • 90-120 minutes: Neurodevelopment
  • 120-180 minutes: Motor and Sensory Pathways
  • 180-240 minutes: Neural Protection
  • 240-300 minutes: Vascular Supply
  • 300-360 minutes: Neuroanatomy
  • 360-420 minutes: Cranial Nerve Exam
  • 420-480 minutes: Case Studies