Upper Airway and Respiratory Bundle

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Announcing our first Bundle Deal!

Quick question: Do you want to get belly-deep in high-level upper airway and respiratory courses at a discount? 

If the answer is “heckin’ YES,” then we have an AWESOME medically-intensive upper airway and respiratory course bundle for you.

This bundle of courses is dedicated to med SLP considerations from nose holes to lung lobes:

  1. Trach, Vent, and Respiratory Compromise for the SLP, by Dr. Lori Morgan, PhD, CCC-SLP  (0.8 ASHA CEUs)
  2. The Airway: The View from the SLP Perspective, by Dr. Eric Blicker, CCC-SLP.D., BCS-S (0.8 ASHA CEUs)
  3. Aspiration Pneumonia Management in Complex Cases: Time to Go Beyond the Swallow (0.8 ASHA CEUs) by George Barnes, M.S. CCC-SLP, BCS-S (available September 24th)

So what will you learn in each course? 

Here’s a quick snapshot:

Trach, Vent, and Respiratory Compromise for the SLP

Ready to build your confidence with respiratory compromise and navigating chart reviews, assessment planning, tubes and other respiratory equipment, interprofessional conversations, and building evidence-based treatment plans? Dr. Lori Morgan has you covered! This 8-hour course is dedicated to the ins and outs of the SLP role in respiratory compromise and will help you go from uncertain to unstoppable with this tricky population.

The Airway: The View from the SLP Perspective

Dr. Eric Blicker describes this course as riding a rollercoaster ride “from the nose all the way down, with every potential anomaly or change in the airway that’s relevant to what we do.” More specifically, you will get to learn what normal upper airway (including normal variants) looks like, explore reflux-related anatomical changes in the larynx, pharynx, and trachea, understand how to identify and describe vocal fold lesions, and take a deeper look at head and neck cancer anatomical changes- with plenty of images and case study examples to solidify your new knowledge!

Aspiration Pneumonia Management in Complex Cases: Time to Go Beyond the Swallow

On September 24th, MedSLP Ed will be releasing George Barnes’ course dedicated to the complex and common world of aspiration pneumonia. If you work with patients with respiratory disease or patients who are medically complex, and the weight of PO recommendations rests on your shoulders, this course will speak to you! Who’s at risk for aspiration pneumonia? What can you do to prevent it (outside of diet modifications)? What’s George’s 6-step clinical decision-making process for medically complex cases? Dive into this intensive webinar to learn all of this and more!

While each course is available for individual purchase in our MedSLP Ed course library, this bundle is a perfect way to save some money and tailor your continuing education to upper airway and respiratory considerations.



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