“Well presented and laid out for the beginner transitioning from IRF (with no vent patients) to acute care. I feel Dr. Burkhead-Morgan gave me the foundation to step inside a vent pt's room and have the confidence to get through day 1.” - SW

“Dr. Morgan was such a lively and engaging speaker. She really took the time to explain the more complex concepts. The benefit of the live course was that she did a beautiful job of reading the room and identifying when concepts needed further explanation. She is a credible speaker. She is intentional with her communication. Her on-the-job stories lent credibility to her presentation. I found myself quoting her phrasing often.”

Trach, Vent and Respiratory Compromise for the SLP


We were able to snag the amazing Dr. Lori Burkhead Morgan to present all things trachs and vents and respiratory compromise specifically tailored for SLPs.

Learn things like:

  • How anatomy, physiology, and neurophysiology tie into breathing, coughing, voice and swallowing
  • Respiratory terms, acronyms, and numbers found in the medical chart
  • Types of tubes and other respiratory equipment SLPs should understand
  • Perspectives to share with respiratory therapists
  • How to start a trach team
  • Evidence-based treatment plans to target the respiratory system, voice, and swallowing
  • The impact of respiratory dysfunction on verbal communication and swallowing
  • When to start working with respiratory patients in the ICU
  • How to document and measure progress specific to this population

After this course, you’ll be able to…

  • Communicate goals to admin staff and the medical team using a common language.
  • Spearhead the development of an interprofessional team for trach/vent patients.
  • Identify the important pieces of information in medical charts specific to respiratory function
  • Understand the importance of timing for getting involved with trach and vent patients.

"Dr. Lori Burkhead Morgan's course provided excellent information for the SLP that works with the trach and vent population. The information was presented very clearly and discussed in an easy-to-understand manner. There were many takeaway points throughout the course, and I highly recommend it!"

"Loved the course! Would recommend for any SLP in the medical field, especially those in the acute care settings."

“I liked the hands on demonstration of various trachs and the anatomy model, along with the case-study at the end and the conversational nature in which the presenter's questions were addressed.”

“I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in the medical SLP world. The event was well organized and allowed everyone to interact and critically think with the guest speaker. Looking forward to more courses!”

"The entire course was fantastic! Can't wait to re-watch it to soak more information in after I start using some of the knowledge I gained."