"This was one of the most USEFUL courses I have ever taken and I have been practicing for TWENTY years. Thank you and well done."

"This course contained everything I wish we were taught in grad school. I am amazed by how little I knew about swallowing before this course, but also inspired to continue progressing my knowledge base on this complex task. Thank you immensely for such an interesting, engaging, and important course!"



VFSS: The Foundations, Clinical Concepts, and Case Studies is another never-been-done-before 8-hour course that blends the research with real-life clinical experiences.  With tons of case studies with VFSS images and video clips.  Are you ready to learn the medical and technical ins and outs of videofluoroscopic swallow studies, and show up to work a transformed SLP?

After this course, you will be able to…

  • Learners will identify normal and abnormal anatomic and physiologic aspects on videofluoroscopic swallowing studies (VFSS).
  • Attendees will describe the value of VFSS, standardization practices, and multidisciplinary care in dysphagia diagnostics for optimal intervention.
  • Learners will list fundamentals of various fluoroscopic procedures used in swallowing including contrast materials used.

"This course updated and expanded my approach to VFSS. It is a wonderful reminder to our field that we have a responsibility to take back time, update radiology practices, and re-engage in a modern conversation about what we do during VFSS. I am recommending this to my colleagues!"

"I would recommend this course to any clinician that is new to VFSS no matter where you are in your career this course is an excellent wealth of information that you can apply directly to your clinical practice. The videos/graphics were also top notch."

"I loved that it was chock full of clinically relevant information and contained more advanced casework." - Jennifer B.

"Very informative and useful in clinical practice." - K.C.

"I liked the inclusion of esophageal dysfunction and what is considered normal. I find that my knowledge base is definitely lacking in that area and it's not often covered in CEUs."

"Wow! So much information I can't pick any one thing. Jessica Gregor is so knowledgeable and conveyed the information so well. I am "speechless!"

"This course helped to bridge the lack of education with VFSS that I received with the advances occurring in our field of work."

“Excellent course with a focus on the impact of the esophagus on the oropharyngeal swallow."

“I liked the quantity and quality of real VFSS examples. Jessica identified (with arrows) points of impairment helpful for those like myself, with less of a trained eye." - EE

“Highly recommend this course for any and all SLPs who evaluate and treat those with dysphagia." - Andrea McNulty

“I liked the review of fluoro videos and specific case studies." - Michelle McCadden

“This course was amazing! It enhanced my knowledge of VFSS. Important information was covered and it was done in a timely and professional manner."

“This course was beneficial in helping me feel more comfortable with the varied esophageal problems we may see during MBS."

“This course was very informative, well organized, and gave the necessary resources to implement a more thorough and standardized VFSS protocol."

"I love the thoroughness of the information, felt like it covered differential diagnosis in depth. I also enjoyed the case studies that allowed for hands on learning and assisted with putting the new knowledge into practice. The presenter was very knowledgeable on this topic."

"This course was amazing! It enhanced my knowledge of VFSS. Important information was covered and it was done in a timely and professional manner."

“I liked the thorough approach to the topic of dysphagia through videofluroscopy. You addressed everything needed for a beginning SLP to someone who has been working in the field. I enjoyed everything about the presenation. So glad I reviewed it via recording as there is so much to capture!!! Jessica delivered a very thorough, well organized presentation loaded with so much information and resources for future reading and ongoing advocacy so that we are equipped to serve our patients properly. I am deeply grateful and appreciative as this has affected how I will do things in the future. Thank you Jessica and the MedSLP Ed!" -K.A.

“Well organized, informative, VERY thorough, addressed almost everything you could run into regarding VFSS. Excellent use of references/evidence. The speaker was well-informed...I can't imagine how much work this was for her to put together."

“I loved the correlation of specific swallowing pathophysiologies to different etiologies, increased my knowledge to assist the medical team with differential diagnosis."

“This course was so comprehensive! I am a seasoned clinician and wish I knew so much of the esophageal functions and impairments sooner. In my years, I have had 100's of pt's for VFSS with globus complaints and never checked esophageal swallow until this year and will do so with more understanding from this course."

“This course was great for learning more about esophageal impairments. I feel this is an area that was largely skipped in my graduate school studies and I am realizing how important it is to evaluate during swallow studies."

"I liked the case reports at the end with the videos. Extremely helpful to see how downstream effects can affect swallowing upstream.."