Stroke: From Onset to Recovery

Recorded Course – 1.0 ASHA CEUS

Presented by: Shauna Berube,CCC-SLP


“The brain is a very, very vast place, and strokes can present very differently. The treatment for strokes will vary. I really want to teach this course to share everything….things that I wish I knew before specializing in the stroke population.”

-Shauna Berube, M.S. CCC-SLP

When you were in grad school, what did you learn about strokes? Maybe you learned about ischemic vs hemorrhagic stroke (but what about spinal strokes and cerebral venous thrombosis?)…. Or that left-sided strokes lead to language impairments, and right-sided strokes lead to cognitive impairments (which isn’t always the case)… Or maybe you primarily focused on the different types of aphasias (yet SLPs go far beyond aphasia…)

But what about the nuances of the brain and the entire cerebral vascular system? What about the evidence to actually apply to your patients when assessing cognition, communication, and swallowing?

There is absolutely nothing cookie-cutter about strokes and how we approach assessment and treatment planning with this population!  Which is exactly why Shauna Berube, M.S. CCC-SLP is providing an 10 hour course devoted to all things strokes for the medical SLP. 

By the end of this full-day course, you will be able to:

  • Improve your medical chart review process for patients with a stroke
  • Describe the medical trajectory of patients both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes
  • Recognize different stroke syndromes
  • Confidently evaluate post-stroke cognition, communication, motor speech, and swallowing impairments by implementing existing evidence
  • Confidently treat post-stroke cognition, communication, motor speech, and swallowing impairments by implementing existing evidence.
  • Identify when a stroke is hyperacute, acute, subacute, and chronic – and how that impacts your assessment and treatment planning.

Shauna Berube is a speech-language pathologist and clinical specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital where she specializes in neurological rehabilitation, specifically stroke rehabilitation, in the acute care population.  She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Loyola University Maryland. Shauna has over 9 years of experience working in neurological rehabilitation in the outpatient, inpatient rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, and acute care settings.  She additionally has worked for several years in Dr. Argye Hillis Stroke Cognitive Outcomes and Recovery lab where she studied post stroke aphasia evaluation, treatment, and recovery publishing several papers and presenting at several national conferences.

Course Testimonials:


“This was the most comprehensive course that I have ever taken on Stroke. It was so thorough and comprehensive with the latest information.I thought that I was well informed and had stayed up-to-date but not to this level.  I wish that I had this course at the beginning of my career.”  -Joyce Payne, M.S., CCC-SLP

“Very detailed, a multitude of great information about stroke onset to recovery. It was great to review initial evaluation of stroke and medical treatments, as well as all the impairment areas speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat. It was helpful to learn about the research throughout the course.” – Participant Feedback