Stop the PO Trial Madness: The CSE is More Than Aspiration




Join us for “Stop the PO Trial Madness: Evidence-based Clinical Swallow Evaluations,” an evidence-packed and clinically applicable journey that will skyrocket your dysphagia assessment skills and boost your ability to implement change in your facility.  This is a recorded course.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. The evidence-based components of a clinical swallow evaluation
  2. The clinical realities that influence PO and CSE tools 
  3. Super-skilling the CSE
  4. How to integrate CSE tools for specific patient populations
  5. How to determine the next steps to implement change in clinical practice on Monday.

Here are 3 ways your clinical practice will change:

  1. Supercharge your CSE documentation with copy and paste templates.
  2. Know which clinical observations during the CSE actually mean something (and the evidence behind it)
  3. Create your own “change map” to implement new CSE tools by Monday.

Get excited, my friends! This deep-dive is probably the most relevant to SLPs who work with dysphagia across all settings- regardless of access to instrumentals!


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