“Dr. Groher presented the material in a very easy manner to understand and follow along with the slides. His clinical experience being out on the frontlines helped in understanding the material related to our real-world practices.”

“This course was well organized, well presented. The presenter provided thorough content and clinically relevant examples. This is a great course for anyone new to the field or new to medical speech-language pathology. “

“I really struggle with differentiating between different types of dysarthrias and now I have strategies to help me! I also liked that he went over common diagnoses, the disease course, and physical exam. Thank you Dr. Groher.”

“It was helpful to get a broad overview of the medical SLP scope of practice since it varies a good deal by setting.”

Medical SLP Roles: From Diagnostic Characteristics to Treatment Approaches

Here's What You'll Learn:

  1. Common disorders referred to medical speech-language pathologists
  2. How to identify and apply clinical concepts to these disorders
  3. How to form a working diagnostic category framework
  4. How to apply this framework to diagnostic and treatment approaches
  5. Differential diagnostic characteristics
  6. How to apply differential diagnostic characteristics to diagnostic and treatment approaches.

Here’s how your medical SLP practice will transform:

  1. Differentiate between commonly seen disorders
  2. Create basic treatment plans based on differential diagnoses
  3. Bring new knowledge to less common diagnoses