Fundamentals of AAC Assessment and Intervention


Learners will:
1.     Describe components of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) assessment process, including the roles of members.
2.     Identify AAC intervention strategies and described when to use them to meet a user's specific needs (e.g., visual, motor, cognitive abilities).
3.      Explain features of alternate access methods and how these access methods meet a user's specific needs.

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“This was an amazing course! A true deep dive into AAC for the adult and pediatric population! Very comprehensive, informative and evidence based.”

“ I learned a lot about the evaluation process and tests available, that was excellent. The course motivated me to get more involved with the ADLS population!”

“Very well organized, easy to follow slides. Extensively covered all areas of AAC evaluation and treatment and funding.”

“I appreciated that it provided an overview of the whole process from assessment to intervention. It broke things down nicely.”

“I have limited experience with AAC with adults, I feel much more informed.”