Introducing the

MedSLP Ed Certification Program

The Second Cohort Begins Spring 2023

Are you looking for intensive full-day courses dedicated to medical SLP topics

(we’re talking 8-14 hour courses with case studies)?

How do you feel about weekly support calls with a small group of med SLPs and mentors with a wide range of experience?

Oof…this gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

And now, we no longer have to just think about it.

We can make it happen.

With a team of experienced clinicians and researchers, we are beyond excited to offer the MedSLP Ed Certification program.

is preparing to run the second round of it's interactive eight-month certification program that provides you with:


A minimum of 16 required intensive on-demand medical SLP courses (8+hours each) from researchers and clinicians across multiple areas of medical speech-language pathology.


Direct 1:1 mentorship with an experienced clinician via Zoom and Telegram.


56+ hours live interactive Q&As and case study calls with mentors that will be recorded.


A certification to indicate completion of this program with a passing score on the comprehensive exam.


New letters after your name upon earning the certification: MSLP (e.g. Jane Doe, M.S. CCC-SLP, MSLP)*

Price: $8,000 

(Payment plans and financing available; keep reading to see what this gets you)

What the MedSLP Ed Certification is NOT: 


Just one course.


Just a way to earn ASHA CEUs.


A replacement of a graduate program.


A requirement to become a medical SLP.


A designation that will devalue your clinical certification or your degree.

The MedSLP Ed certification program is also not affiliated with the MedSLP Collective.

Medical speech-language pathology is undeniably rewarding.


It’s also a career path that changes rapidly with new research, evolving scope of practice, and a vast repertoire of medical knowledge that isn’t always possible to learn in college.

Many medical SLPs may find themselves looking for extra support when it comes to …


Mentorship to guide complex cases

Understanding how body systems work

Knowing how to apply exercise science to our therapy plans
Confidently navigating medical charts and assessments
Fully understanding dysphagia assessments and treatments
Navigating neurology and neuroscience
Mapping out imaging reports and lab values
A deep understanding of evidence-based practice
Climbing the clinical ladder at their job

While working full-time as a clinician.

This is partially why certification programs exist for things like swallowing and swallowing disorders, brain injury, dementia, and other specialized areas.

All of those programs are valuable.

And we want to contribute to the support and growth of medical SLPs in a unique way.

With the exception of a few universities that offer a medical track during their 2-3 year graduate program, no medically intensive 8-12 month cohort-model program exists to provide a solid framework for medical SLPs… (particularly for practicing clinicians)…

Until now.

Who is the Accrediting Body?

MedSLP Ed is pursuing accreditation with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). This accrediting body credentials many other medical certifications and maintains exceptionally high standards.

If you'd like to read more about the NCCA and MedSLP Ed's accreditation process, check out our MedSLP Ed Certification FAQ page.

About the Curriculum:

Sample of Curriculum and Presenters are Below:

(and YES you can take them ALL if you’re an overachiever! Or just that dang excited about our field)



Stop the PO Trial Madness: Evidence-based Clinical Swallow Evaluations - Required


The VFSS: Foundations, Clinical Concepts, and Case Studies



Laryngeal Exam/Stroboscopy Interpretation



Foundational A&P


Medical SLP Roles: From Diagnostic Characteristics to Treatment Approaches - Required


Body Systems for the SLP - Required


Exercise Physiology for the SLP - Required

Dysphagia managemenT


Show Me the Numbers: Using Clinical Data to Quantify Swallowing


Assessment/Management Dysphagia Risk Factors (Available Oct 1, 2022)


Shining a Light on Dysphagia Management: Exercise, Sensors, and Adherence



Trach, Vent, & Respiratory Compromise for the SLP


The Airway: The View from the SLP Perspective


Esophageal Dysphagia





Neurology for the SLP: From Tracts to Treatment


Cranial Nerves for SLP


Neuroplasticity for the SLP (Available August 1, 2022)


Neuro Therapy


Conversation based treatment for Aphasia


Acquired Brain Injury


Motor Speech Disorders for the Medical SLP

Special Considerations


Speech Language Pathology in the Intensive Care Unit


Cardiac Conditions


Head and Neck Cancer




Augmentative and Alternative Communication





Prenatal Development


Pediatric Systemic Development


Normal Bottle Feeding Physiology


…And Many More to Come!

Have you already purchased a course (or several) from the MedSLP Ed library?

No worries! What you've already paid will be deducted from the price of this certification program.

We’ve structured the curriculum and the support to be completed over an eight-month timeframe, however we know life comes with detours and road bumps.

So if you can’t complete each required course in eight months, it’s okay! We’re giving all participants up to one year to finish each requirement for certification.

This is our minimum requirement for you to achieve the certification, but you are able to take as many courses in the MedSLP Ed library as you would like and have five years to access them all!

We are not here to limit access to education! Every course that is inside the MedSLP Ed Certification curriculum will also be available for individual purchase in our MedSLP Ed library (as it always has been). However, if you join this next cohort, you get lifetime access to all MedSLP Ed courses at no additional cost.

So if this certification isn’t right for you but some of the intensive medical SLP courses inside of the curriculum are, we celebrate that! You can still access any course you’d like a la carte style.

This certification isn’t necessary to be a med SLP, but access to the education can help to continue your growth if you feel like it’s right for you. We’re excited to offer both the certification program and the a la carte library of education. Ultimately, we’re honored to support your med SLP growth as you personally see fit.


As a founding member of Med SLP Education, you are able to take any NEW course added to the library – even after the completion of your program! (For up to 5 years)

Grow your foundational and advanced med SLP knowledge

Access support from mentors and a cohort

Complete full-day intensive courses dedicated to med SLP settings and the patient populations you serve

About the mentorship

You asked for 1:1 direct mentorship and we listened!

Our mentors were hand selected due to their positive past experiences of mentoring both in their workplace and via distance learning.


You will be assigned to a group of 10 participants with 1 mentor to assist the group based on your (desired) clinical setting.


You get access to your mentor and group through a texting app.


You get two 1:1 phone calls with your mentor.


Each group will meet with their mentor twice per month to answer questions or break down case studies. (these calls WILL be recorded!)


Each mentor will do a live (and recorded) Q&A for the entire group of 50 students each month.

We have 5 mentors, thus there will be 5 mentor calls with the entire cohort each month

Theresa Richard will host an additional support call each month to discuss any aspects of the program or career growth.


You will have 6 group mentor calls and 1 program support call each month, texting access to your mentor and group, plus two 1:1 calls with your mentor.


The second cohort starts in Spring 2023.

The first Medical SLP certification of its kind for
new and veteran clinicians.

We fully understand that just because someone is the first to do something, it doesn’t mean they’re the best.

We took years to plan and organize this program for a reason.

Of course, it wasn’t to be the first at something. It was to truly provide excellent value and create a program that actually changes lives.

Not only that, we wanted to create something that was manageable for working clinicians.

You don’t have to take days off of work, you won’t need to book flights and lodging, and you certainly won’t have to dedicate full-time hours to complete this program.

We’ve discovered that other professions also offer extensive 6-10 month certification programs to help their workforce hone their skills and craft…

After months of consultation, we decided this was the best path to bring knowledge and support to SLPs who have been seeking this level of support while not majorly disrupting their current personal and professional lives.

The MedSLP Education certification program allows for virtual participation and requires an average of 5-6 hours each week with interactive discussions included.

Many professionals already feel overworked exhausted and can't possibly imagine adding more “school” to their workload.

That’s why we’ve created an eight-month structure while granting participants an entire year to complete all requirements.

We structured it this way to allow participants to create their own structure…

Block 1 day/week to spend 5-6 hours on coursework…

or block 2 hours off 3x/week…

or get up an hour earlier every day…

or spend 1 hour in the evening after the kids go to bed and before you do…

There is an application because we want to make sure that this program is actually the right fit for you based on your goals and needs! This isn’t an exclusive program for SLPs with the highest GPAs or standardized test scores- it’s genuinely for those who are seeking what we’re offering. 

Why MedSLP Ed?

Each course is a minimum of eight hours.

You can complete these courses on your own schedule.

You can choose courses most relevant to you (or most interesting to you).

Real case studies will be discussed- including your own!

Cohort support with a group of SLPs who work (or want to work) in the same clinical setting as you.


AND you’ll earn the letters MSLP after your name to showcase your completion of this intensive 8-month medical SLP program.


Want to learn more about the MSLP designation? Click here to read our MedSLP Ed Certification FAQ page!

We have dedicated over two years to…


Establish course topics

Create the curriculum

Contract with the right presenters (based on med SLP feedback)

Find the researchers

Collaborate with experienced clinicians

All while sticking to our rigorous standards.

We ensure that every course is in-depth, goes far beyond the textbook rhetoric, and includes case-based learning.

While you can find excellent 1-2 hour webinars across the internet, the MedSLP Ed certification program is made up of full-day intensive courses that blend together the research, real case studies, patient perspectives, and interprofessional considerations.

We don’t stop at research, and clinical experience isn’t our only focus.
Our full-day courses require the perfect marriage of both.

We wanted to offer more than a
handful of courses over a handful of days.

Instead, we want to provide a space for clinicians to dive deeper into medically intensive SLP courses, ask questions, learn from case studies, access mentors, and build connections with a cohort of other med SLPs across the nation.

Now let’s talk more about the mentorship…

The #1 desire we hear from SLPs is, “I wish that I could just have a mentor to ask all of my clinical questions.”

Both new and veteran SLPs seek mentorship, whether it’s to find clear guidance or a strong sounding board.

When we decided to create the MedSLP Ed certification program, the one non-negotiable that we came up with was providing a 1:1 mentor for our students.

That person who could just be on the other line to answer a frantic question about a condition you’ve never heard of before…

Or someone to share a huge win with…

It may not seem like a big ask, but in a world of over-worked SLPs, it’s unsurprisingly tough to find a group of medical SLPs that are willing to give their time to do things like:


be a sounding board


provide feedback


lead from behind


help their mentees to critically think through tough cases 


be a sounding board


provide feedback


lead from behind


help their mentees to critically think through tough cases 

And to find mentors who are highly experienced in doing so!

But we did it…

Our mentors have YEARS of supervisory and mentoring experience both in their current workplace and/or in a distance learning space.

Each mentor was vetted and recommended by their colleagues and mentees.

They were nominated based on their kind and compassionate style of mentorship, their extensive knowledge of the research, and their ability to apply that research in a clinical setting.

Ultimately, we’re even shocked by the astronomically high bars these mentors have set for themselves, and we’re genuinely awe-inspired and grateful to have them to support you throughout the eight-month program.

You will have access to your mentor and 9-10 other SLPs that will be in your cohort through a texting app called Telegram.

This app is PERFECT for this type of mentorship. Here’s why: 


It allows for written text and quick voice messages (walkie-talkie style). 


Documents, pictures, and videos can be uploaded so that you can all learn together in a small group setting or individually with your mentor! 

Meet Our Mentors:

Jessica Gregor


Over the past decade, Jessica has worked in a variety of medical settings (trauma, intensive care, acute care, acute rehab, long-term care, outpatient) at both VA and private sector health systems. She holds her Board Certification in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S) through the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (ABSSD) since 2016 and served on the ABSSD Mentorship Committee from 2018-2020. She loves investigating all things dysphagia, especially in the fluoroscopy suite! Her strong passion for the field of swallowing diagnostics and intervention has made some waves in multidisciplinary collaboration as well as patient care wherever she has worked, and she’s excited to share that with MedSLP Ed mentees!

What’s Jessica’s mentorship style?

“As we know, communication is a two-way street. First, it’s important to establish rapport from the get-go so that the mentee feels comfortable opening up about their needs. Second, active listening is essential from my end so that I can ask the right questions to seek additional information. And third, rendering advice in a manner that reflects more than one perspective given my personal experience in the field working in various settings and with numerous patient populations. It’s exciting to tackle issues that pertain to both patient care and the work environment/culture. Medical speech language pathology is a special and unique field. It demands increased and enhanced mentorship for its professionals!”

George Barnes


George is a critical care specialist with a concentration on patients with tracheostomies, mechanical ventilation,  aspiration pneumonia management, and clinical decision making with high-risk cases. He’s also extremely passionate about mentoring other medical SLPs on his own time and is eager to work with MedSLP Ed!  Articles he has published include Tracheostomy and Mechanical Ventilation Management for the SLP; Improving Communication with the IDT, and Aspiration Pneumonia Management.

What’s George's mentorship style?

“I choose to ask questions and seek information before I blindly provide advice. I think it's important to understand the full picture and help mentees think through problems before jumping to conclusions. Further, I tend to see problems from multiple angles which I credit to my variety of experiences in multiple medical settings. This allows me to provide several considerations for one particular problem and ultimately help the mentee obtain a comprehensive view of the problem before moving forward with a solution.”

Isabel Lawton


Isabel has been a medical SLP since 2013 with experience across the lifespan. She has work experience in inpatient rehab, skilled nursing, home health, mobile therapy, acute care, NICU, and in the schools! Throughout her extensive practice, she’s found particular passion in brain injury, trauma, medical pediatrics, dysphagia, trach/vent, AAC, professional issues, and yes…mentorship!

What’s Isabel's mentorship style?

“My mentorship style is mentee driven. By implementing adult learning principles, emotional intelligence, and active listening, I strive to ascertain what the needs of the mentee are and from there work towards solutions. Early on, I ensure mentees feel comfortable and safe communicating their needs to me. Together we will examine the topics/needs of the mentee and identify the best solutions possible. Open communication and mutual respect are key to successful mentorship relationships. My mentees often teach me as much as I teach them. “

Lori Burkhead Morgan


Lori has extensive clinical experience with ICU, acute care, inpatient/outpatient rehab, head and neck cancer, and trach/vent. She has published articles and presented on exercise science, dysphagia, and speaking valves.

What’s Lori's mentorship style?

“I like to be encouraging and create a relationship in which people feel comfortable asking any question without feeling judged for not knowing something. I think that this type of platform allows for the most growth in that those asking by encouraging others to be inquisitive in all areas where they seek more knowledge. I also like to help others develop independent problem-solving by asking questions of them and then helping “coach” them to reasonable solutions (there is frequently more than one solution). I do not think that ‘spoon feeding’ is effective mentorship. I like to see my role as a mentor as a support or a touchstone and to point someone toward seeking the answers with guidance rather than just stating, ‘here’s the answer, here’s what you should do.’ There are times for that, but more often, I like to help foster problem-solving rather than just handing out cook-book advice.”

Who this is for:


Med SLPs who are just getting started


Veteran Med SLPs who have been practicing for years (and decades)


SLPs transitioning from non-medical to medical

Who this is not for:




Undergrad and grad students


SLPs who do not (and don’t plan to) work in a medical setting or with medical diagnoses.

The MedSLP Ed Certification program does not replace a graduate program.  It builds upon the foundational knowledge grad school provides.

This is an in-depth training and mentorship program that allows you to gain specialized knowledge and support across the scope of medical speech-language pathology.

Imagine spending about 6 hours per week for the next 8 months to advance your clinical knowledge.

This is meant to be taken on and manageable routine each weekYOUR time…

If you want to binge-watch two courses in a row, you can!

If you want to binge-watch all of the past month’s group Q&A at once, you can!

Or if you want to take it in a systematic and manageable curriculum routine each week, you can do that too!

What can a MedSLP Ed certification get me?


Direct mentorship with an experienced SLP in our field


128+ hours of In-depth education across critical components of medical speech-language pathology


MSLP added to your credentials to showcase your MedSLP Ed Certification


Recognition as a MedSLP Ed certified clinician on our national database


Increased visibility to patients searching for medical SLPs


Assistance with climbing the clinical ladder if your employer requires a certification as part of their process


Bonus:  Enough ASHA CEUs to meet your current certification maintenance hour requirements (and an ASHA ACE award if you’re into those!)

MedSLP Ed is dedicated to supporting the ongoing growth of your medically-based clinical skills.


Our program is led by mentors who:


Are also directly working with patients


Keep up with the research and apply it to their practice


Have earned the respect of other medical professionals


Lead from behind

Because it fosters growth far beyond the literature.

Because it’s based on real experience and researched methods.

Because it goes beyond the SLP-only bubble and incorporates patient and inter-professional considerations (like what to do when a patient chooses not to follow your recommendations, or how to collaborate with respiratory therapists)

Your assigned 1:1 mentor is there to support your education, help you apply the education to clinical practice, and offer guidance for your toughest cases.

And above all, there is no sense of hierarchy, no shame in questions, and zero tolerance for discrimination of any form. 

What Med SLPs who have attended
prior MedSLP Ed courses are saying:

“The presenter was AMAZING, engaging, and encouraging of ideas and participation. I loved all the case study examples and the way she challenged us to look at VFSS.”

“This was one of the most USEFUL courses I have ever taken and I have been practicing for TWENTY years. Thank you and well done!”

“I love that each topic was broken down so clearly and concisely, and that every piece of information taught/discussed is relevant to me and my practice.”

“This course contained everything I wish we were taught in grad school. I am amazed by how little I knew about swallowing before this course, but also inspired to continue progressing my knowledge base on this complex task. Thank you immensely for such an interesting, engaging, and important course!”

“I loved Jessica's presentation style and how knowledgeable she was with the content. She seemed genuinely interested in the information she was sharing which always helps generate interest in the attendees!”

“Well organized, informative, VERY thorough, addressed almost everything you could run into regarding VFSS. Excellent use of references/evidence. The speaker was well-informed…I can't imagine how much work this was for her to put together.”

“I am a practicing acute care SLP, primarily working in ICUs. MedSLPED has been a fantastic resource for my practice! I *thought* I knew neuroanatomy, but Anna Swindle’s “Neurology for the Speech-Language Pathologist: From Tracts to Treatment” course gave me a deep and true understanding of how to contextualize that information into my clinical practice.  It really took me from “I think I know that. I could recall it if questioned,” to “Oh my gosh, I can actually understand it, manipulate it, identify it, and problem solve now.” Anatomy/physiology questions that had bothered me for years suddenly clicked into place.”

A recap of what the
MedSLP Education certification will give you:


128+ hours of foundational and advanced medical SLP courses and LIVE Q&As with practicing clinicians


1:1 mentorship with an experienced practicing clinician in our field

8 months of support within a cohort of 50 medically-driven SLPs

A spot on our national database of Med SLP Ed Certified SLPs


New letters after your name as a certified MedSLP Ed SLP

“I will be taking as MANY courses from the MedSLP ED catalog as I possibly can.

As an SLP of 10 years that is planning to transition from a school setting into a campus medical community with outpatient, acute care, skilled nursing, and home health available to residents. 

I will need extensive amounts of high-quality CEUs.

Previously I had NO idea how I would swing getting the appropriate and intensive education I would need to make the change in my career.

I also knew I needed one-on-one help to learn what I was never taught in graduate school and never had the opportunity to learn in my post graduate school experience.

I look forward to the new learning, but most of all I am looking forward to the mentorship offered during this certification.

I took a job in a school 10 years ago because I felt I didn’t have the adult medical background I needed to apply for other settings.

Now I have access to exactly what I need to pursue my dream.”


Have questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions page for detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions about the MedSLP Ed Certification.  If you have additional questions, you can also email us at for answers!