Exercise Science in Speech-Language Pathology: What, How, Why?

Recorded Course

Presented by Lori Morgan, PhD CCC-SLP

How do you know which swallow exercises to recommend for your patients with dysphagia?

Youre aware that an entire world of exercise science needs to be applied to effective dysphagia therapy…

…but maybe you’re not 100% familiar with neuromuscular anatomy and physiology of the muscles of breathing, coughing, eating, swallowing, and speaking…

…and how (or when) to target specific areas with specific exercises.

PTs and OTs seem to be well-versed in anatomy, physiology, and exercise science…so shouldn’t we be just as well-versed in our scope?

This is exactly what Lori Morgan, Ph.D. CCC-SLP will be teaching you in her 8-hour course, titled Exercise Science in Speech-Language Pathology: What, How, Why?

“This course will delve into the science behind muscles, movement, and rehabilitation of functional swallowing.”

-Lori Morgan, PhD CCC-SLP

Prepare to receive deep-dive education on…


Foundations of swallowing muscle structure and function


How to put together an exercise treatment plan


What to consider with exercises and various diagnoses


Motor learning


Technology and devices in dysphagia rehabilitation


Evaluation methods to guide dysphagia treatment


Documenting and measuring progress

This course doesn't focus on just one dysphagia treatment technique.

It addresses the neuromuscular and physiologic underpinnings of numerous exercise-based treatments available to SLPs.

After this course, you’ll be able to…

  • Define unique aspects of speech/swallowing musculature that differentiate from other muscle groups in the body.
  • Define two ways in which speech/swallow musculature responds to conditioning and deconditioning.
  • Distinguish simple activity from exercise regarding intensity and impact on functional outcomes.
  • Implement evaluation methods to choose appropriate swallow exercises for your patients
  • Document and measure progress
  • Identify technology and devices you can use for dysphagia treatment

Dr. Burkhead Morgan has been a practicing speech-language pathologist since 1994 in a variety of healthcare settings, including a Level-1 trauma center, inpatient rehabilitation, an outpatient otolaryngology practice, and as medical school faculty conducting research, teaching, and maintaining a clinical practice.  

She earned a Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Florida in 2005, focusing on applying exercise science principles to communication and swallowing rehabilitation. 

Dr. Burkhead Morgan is a sought-after speaker, presenting both domestically and internationally.  She is a published author on the topic of dysphagia and exercise science as it relates to dysphagia.  She is best known for teaching clinicians how to bridge the gap between research and clinical application.

Why is this topic so important?

One of Dr. Morgan’s most memorable patient success stories involves a patient who had received one year of unsuccessful dysphagia therapy prior to showing up at her facility.

He was carrying a “spit cup” and depended on a PEG tube.

Lori guided him on focused, evidence-based exercises for eight weeks.

Just eight weeks. After he had completed a year of unsuccessful dysphagia therapy

And after those eight weeks, he had the PEG tube removed and returned to an unrestricted diet.

His daughter called Lori on Thanksgiving and tearfully reported that her family shared what they were grateful for…

And that they were the most grateful for her dad to be able to join the family at the dinner table for the holiday. 

“Learning about exercise physiology really changed my practice as a clinician. I want to empower clinicians to do the same.”

-Lori Morgan

Are you ready to change your dysphagia therapy with the power of exercise science?